How Much Gynecomastia Surgery Will Cost?

Gynecomastia is a common breast condition in men and boys where breast swell and look abnormally large. One of the primary reasons for man breast is either due to imbalance in hormones or due to increase in fatty tissues. Male breast surgery known as Gynecomastia is performed to enhance the outer appearances by reducing male breast to align it with the bodily contour.

World class treatment at Dezire Clinic available on many locations at Pune, New Delhi and Gurgaon offers the best gynecomastia operation cost. This procedure is performed under the dedicated supervision of Dr. Prashant Yadav; well known for performing highest numbers of successful male chest treatment by advance, “VASER technique”.

The safe and secure treatment for the gynecomastia condition involves minimal invasive procedure known by the cosmetic name, “VASER liposuction”, and it is done by an ace expert gynecomastia specialist surgeon.

Large breast in men can be the source of embarrassment which can decline self-esteem and self-confidence and 40% to 60 % of male of different age groups do affect with this biological condition.

Male breast reduction surgery depends on the following factors. The whole cost of treatment vary upon the grade level, severity and type of Gynecomastia different stages which extends from Grade 1 to Grade 4 varying from person to person.

The patient can get an overview of the Gynecomastia surgery cost in India with the help of a form available on the front end of the website.

The Gynecomastia surgery depends upon many factors comprising of the type of procedure and the operative facilities on the

  • Grade level,
  • Surgeon’s Qualification,
  • The quality of surgery
  • Employing advanced techniques that is the technique of liposuction,
  • Gland excision needed or not,
  • Stay Required or not,
  • Post care facilities,
  • Anesthetist Experience,
  • Type of Compression garment which add up to the cost of treatment.

Complete treatment of men’s breast reduction depend upon the metro city location. The average cost of Gynecomastia surgery can vary between price bracket of 40,000 to 55,000 and 55,000 to 70,000 inclusive of the GST. We also make the cost flexible by providing Bajaj Finserv services.

All you have to do is to simply fill out the form and get the whole results. We will email you the estimated cost at your mentioned email address or you can contact us personally on our mentioned official communication telephone number 9272007896. In addition, you can email us at to schedule your consultation with the Doctor.

We can perform Gyencomastia Surgery at Pune, New Delhi and Gurgaon.

  • Surgeon’s Qualification
  • Operative facilities
  • Technique of liposuction
  • Gland excision needed or not
  • Stay Required or not
  • Anaesthetist Experience
  • Type of Compression garment
  • Post care facilities

During consultation you will be given a list of blood test to be done before you schedule your male breast reduction procedure. These are the following test to be done at any pathology labs or diagnostic center.

  • BT, CT, PT
  • Random Blood Sugar

Please mail the reports or personally show the reports once you get these tests done.

  • Inform all your previous surgery and medical disorders.
  • Carry all your previous surgery /medical records on the day of surgery.
  • Avoid Smoking and alcohol.
  • Nothing to eat or drink after midnight (12PM) the night before the procedure.
  • No tea /coffee/water on the morning of the procedure.
  • Shaving of underarms and chest regions.
  • Do not bring jewelry or other valuables with you.
  • Wear comfortable, loose fitting clothing that is easy to put on and take off.

After Gyencomastia surgery, it is important for you to have someone available with you for the first 24hours, as you will have some weakness and drowsiness.

  • DO NOT SMOKE after the surgery.
  • A light diet is best after surgery. Begin by taking liquids slowly and progress to soups light diet. You may start a regular diet the next day.
  • Fever – it is expected to have low grade fever after the surgery which will subside gradually on its own .incase of persistent fever kindly inform and contact us

After surgery there will be muscle soreness and discomfort for about 5-7 days. The pain medication we have prescribed should relieve your discomfort. Do not drink alcohol while taking pain medication. 7. 8. The compression garment must be worn AT ALL TIMES for four WEEKS. This is to minimize scaring, promote healing and maximize your postoperative result. After 4 weeks you only need to wear the compression garment at night.. 10. Massage to the operated chest area s will help increase circulation and alleviate the hardness felt underneath the skin. Massage can 3 to 4 days after surgery.


  • Many patients say that the pain equivalent of Gynecomastia is similar to having an extremely hard workout and/or skin sunburn.
  • The pain is not sharp but more of an ache.
  • The body retains fluids in response to surgery so do not expect to see any immediate results for the first 2-3 weeks. In the long run you will see more of a change in the way your clothes fit.
  • Swelling and bruising are a normal expectation following surgery. Bruising could be apparent for as long as 3-4 months afterwards. The bruises will move down your body as they are absorbed.
  • It is normal to have an itching and/or numbness following surgery in the areas that underwent Gynecomastia. This will gradually subside over the next 2-3 months.

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